The University of Minho was founded in 1973 and is among the most prestigious institutions of higher education in Portugal. It is a fully accredited university in which over 19,000 students are enrolled.

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The Schoo of Law from the University of Minho (EDUM) aims to create, diffuse and apply legal understanding based on freedom of thought, knowledge, creativity and innovation, contributing to the construction of a society founded on humanistic principles, sustainable development and well-being.

EDUM is as an open, modern institution in which scientific research and the exchange of academic experiences are major ambitions.

We offer 9 masters' courses that prepare students with the solid training needed to meet their professional objectives.


LL.M. in European and Transglobal Business Law 

We have designed this new LL.M. programme to reflect the modern business context and to give professionals a solid grasp of the theory and practice of the implications of the global marketplace. The LL.M. programme will enable students to better develop and implement legal strategies in major organisations. The programme offers a unique and innovative blend of core legal subjects ranging from European Union business law to the legal aspects of investment in emerging economies with which Portugal has historic and cultural ties, giving the programme a truly transglobal dimension. In addition to the core curriculum, students will have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of specialised seminars, allowing them to tailor their studies to their interests.

As the demand for professionals with a firm academic background in business law continues to grow, we believe that the LL.M. programme will dramatically improve the career opportunities not only of recent graduates, but also of legal practitioners and aspiring middle to senior level managers with some legal experience, background or interest.



The following Master's programmes are offered at the EDUM:

Administrative Law

Contract and Business Law

European Union Law

Human Rights

Judiciary Law

Law and Informatics

Local Government Law

Tax Law

Also available: Ph.D. Programme in Legal Sciences (English-speakers can write their thesis in English)



The Research Centres are organizational subunits that promote and develop research projects, bringing together scientific activities aimed at well-defined objectives with a set duration.

CEDU - European Union Law Research Centre: This Centre focuses its activity on the study of the legal system of the European Union.

DH-CII - Human Rights- Centre for Interdisciplinary Research: This Centre promotes interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research in the field of Human Rights.


Braga is one of the oldest Portuguese cities and one of the oldest cities in the world. It was founded in Roman times and was named Bracara Augusta and boasts more than 2,000 years of history. It has, nevertheless, one of the youngest populations in Europe (it was proclaimed to be the European city with the youngest residents in 1989 and was the European Capital of Youth in 2012), which makes it a highly dynamic and energetic city. Braga is situated on the northern coast of Portugal, in the Minho region, which borders Galicia (Spain), in the north, and the Atlantic Ocean, on the west.



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