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 Vocational Opportunities Office

The Support Office for Professional Exits basically aims to help students at the University of Minho Law School enter the job market.
To this end, it organizes workshops on relevant aspects (such as preparing a curriculum vitae and preparing for a job interview); the dissemination of job offers, scholarships and internships and employer presentation and recruitment sessions (Job Fair).

         Coordinator of the Careers Support Office
         Flávia Noversa Loureiro 

         Telephone: 253 601 845

         Office members

         Prof. Anabela Gonçalves

         Prof. Margarida Santos

         President of AEDUM or his/her representative

         President of ELSA-UMinho or his/her representative

         President of AECRIMUM or his/her representative 


           Institutions, companies, associations and entities with
         partnerships and collaboration protocols.