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The Law School maintains a promotion policy of foreign relations, promoting cooperation with various universities and non-university institutions, both national and foreign, such being one of its main priorities.

Accordingly, over the years, several protocols were signed with prestigious universities around the world. Cooperation with institutions in the countries of the CPLP (Community of Portuguese Language Countries) has been strengthened and extended.

It is noted, in particular, cooperation with East Timor, Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde and S. Tome and Principe and begins to take important steps towards collaborating with institutions of Mozambique, and also collaboration and Macau.

At this level, some specific endeavours, such as the Master's programme in Local Government Law at the University of Cape Verde (held in Cape Verde under the PostCavet project funded by the European Union), have, permitted the formation of new Masters in Cape Verde. Not less important are the already fruitful experiences held in Angola, with the formation of Masters in Judiciary Law, in particular with UGS (University Gregorio Semedo) and UNiPiaget (Jean Piaget University). There are plans for further cooperation with other Angolan Universities as well.

Also in Timor, under the aegis of the FUP (Foundation of Portuguese Universities), the School of Law had a very important role, in partnership with other Portuguese universities, in the creation of the Bachelor in Law and now in the launch of master programmes. These are just some examples that attest EDUM's (School of Law of the University of Minho) determination regarding the internationalization of the School, particularly in Portuguese-speaking countries. This does not mean that there is no cooperation with other universities on other continents. Example of this is the protocol signed with the University of Santiago de Compostela with whom various initiatives have been developed, with whom the School of Law has close long-lasting relations. ​​