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 Services Available



  • Services

    §Access to the general collection

    §Reading rooms for quiet study and group study thematically according to the Universal Decimal

    §Loan service (in person/distance);

    §Loan of portable computers (local use);

    §Reproduction of documents by scanning (in self-service);

    §Internet access points;

    §Access to the bibliographic catalogue

    §Access to the RepositóriUM – institutional

    §Access to several bibliographic databases to search scientific literature and other information resources;

    §Reference services in person support service

    §Interlibrary loan and document delivery services access, may be requested at the attendance desk. (for non-existing documents in UM Libraries);

    §Library user training - libraries presentations,

    §Library user guides and online tutorials



    Finding books at the library

    The books available in open access shelves are organized rooms, with wireless coverage (some group study Classification system. This is a classification system that rooms are open continuously, 24 hours/day (24x7); structures the human knowledge in 10 thematic categories, which are divided hierarchically into more specific subclasses. The themes are translated by numerical classifications and the first UDC assigned determines the storage area of the book in the library. In the UM libraries,  the location of the book is composed of the initials of the library, the UDC and usually by the author's last name initial. (bibliographic records of all publications available at Eg: Kotler, Philip - Marketing management. 12th ed. New Jersey: Upper Saddle River, 2006. In this case, the publication is located on the UM libraries);

    repository of the University of Minho's intellectual the Library of the UMinho in Guimarães,

    output (research materials and scholarly publications the main subject is marketing, which in digital format); corresponds to the UDC 658.8 and the initial of the last name of the author is K.

    The library strives to provide a pleasant and productive work environment for both individual and group study. You are welcome to bring food and drink into the library. Please dispose of trash in the bins in the hallways, and let the library staff  know if there are any spills. We also recognize that law study is often a collaborative process. To accommodate a variety of study habits, please use the group study rooms for any extended conversations.


    For your convenience, day lockers are located on the 7th floor. They include outlets so you may charge your electronic devices. Locker keys may be checked out at the Library Service desk for 24 hours (no renewals). Overdue keys will incur fines of $2.50/hr.  After 24 hours overdue, the key will be declared lost and a replacement fine of $50 will be assessed. Contact Dave Matchen for more info.


    The Law Library is for serious research and study. Patrons are expected to maintain a quiet atmosphere by refraining from loud conversation in all areas of the library.

         UM Libraries - User-Guide_2015-16.pdf


    Don't return books to the shelves. Put them onto the trolley by the desk staff,please.​