Devoted to domains such as those of Introduction to Law, History of Law, Comparative Law, Philosophy and Legal Methodology, the Department has sought over the years to meet the highest standards of requirement in terms of scientific research and pedagogical practices. Sharing a vision of the law as a highly ethical and humanizing reality, the scientific and educational work of the Department reflects the fundamental concern towards the ultimate civilizing mission of legal reality, enhancing its less technical aspects, only to promote the values that those same strands necessarily underlie: the dignity of the human being and his full personal and social fulfillment, within a radical conspectus of human and interdisciplinary justice.

Combining internationally renowned research with practical and pedagogical methodologies, in which innovation does its best to preserve  tradition, the Department of General Legal Sciences assumes its key role in the task of promoting the education of successive generations of true legally trained citizens, able to actively and positively intervene in the construction of a more just and more dignified society.​