This department congregates, under a juridical lecturing and research point of view, thematic areas that are organised in several cores of Public Law (latu sensu): Constitutional law and political science, Administrative Public Law, Financial, Tax and Fiscal Law, European and European Integration Law, Public International Law, Criminal Law and Criminal Sciences and, still, Procedural Law.

The Department has grown well alongside the school itself and its professors and researchers are developing a work that, delivers high level results in teaching and research. Manifested not only in the number of PhD degrees obtained with success, but also on external recognition (national and internationally) by the scientific community. The number of prizes and publications the work of the department have grown with time and always stated a keen approval of the work done in the department.

Following Public Law trends, the Department endeavours to keep a standard of juridical formation that can give to Law School's students a higher technical capacity and a vision that allows them to anticipate and settle, with success, problems and challenges with which, as citizens and jurists, will have to face in a global and complex society.​